What Do We Do?

As a team, although recently launched Gargarage, the people gained quite a traction for a limited period of time. Gargarage helped incubate 3 startups, set up an IoT/AR academy, advised on more than 10 fundraising and product development projects and participates and organizes key events for the ecosystem. With our automated startup evaluation tool, the management reviewed 50+ external projects. We periodically report on the local success stories in tech and constantly aims at bringing value along the entire value chain.


Financing is one of the main challenges ahead of most startups. Our team recognizes the difficulties of early-stage fundraising thus aiming to help founders in every step of the process. That’s why we have built tools for valuation, investor search and a content library which includes investment term sheets templates, investor decks template and much more.


Our resource library includes digital content on all fundamental aspects of tech entrepreneurship, including both proprietary and publicly available infographics, articles, templates, term sheets and others. Some of the covered topics are lean startup, product development, growth hacking, business development and fundraising.


Based on our extensive experience in Venture Capital and Entrepreneurship, we have built a searchable database with over 1000 investors. Startups who are looking to raise funding are able to search for investors based on different criteria including stage, geography, investment size and type of investment.


Business Development is all about networking. Connections and introductions are vital for early-stage entrepreneurs. Our team is able to support founders with valuable connections in a number of digital and non-digital industries, providing warm leads in a number of geographies in order to help entrepreneurs expand their business internationally.


Traditional startup accelerators are flawed in a couple of ways such as relocation requirement, equity dilution and a one size fits all approach. Our mission is to establish a virtual startup school which doesn’t require relocation, takes no equity and enables founders to access the resources they need the most.


We are currently working on setting up a mentor pool which is going to connect founders with seasoned entrepreneurs and industry professionals. The mentor pool will provide founders to interact directly with mentors, book meetings and receive valuable advice on their way up.


Proprietary valuation tool for early-stage startups accounting for over 40 factours regarding team, product, market size, financials and other.