Investum Supersonic is a meetup of lead investors, enthused startupers,

anonymous innovators, and daily business heroes.

Thanks to our keynote speakers, you’ll learn how to break the funding

& scaling barriers and get investment from the global top investors and what they are

looking for. A brief overview of the current investment landscape in Bulgaria will be done.

You’ll see who the investors are and what is the next big thing they are

looking for. We’ll have time especially dedicated to startups.

Gargarage will have a demo day of its Pre-Accelerator program.

Last but not least, Sofia Tech Park will pitch its innovators program concept that is soon

to be launched. The first meeting of the Club of the Anonymous Innovator (AI Club) will take place.

Bulgaria has given birth to numerous genius inventors and innovators that stay undercover.

We want you to gain visibility and support all the people with ideas that want to bring it to the next level.

Finally, we’ll have a cool networking cocktail, so don’t miss the event. ; )